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What Does This Mean?

The field "Address Purchased" allows our clients to know how many times a particular lady's address has been purchased. While such information can be deemed useful on some levels, it does not however directly indicate any of the following:

• Did the lady decline the man's invitation to correspond?

• Might the lady have corresponded for a period of time, deciding somewhere along the way that the man was not well suited for her as a potential mate?

• Did the man "disappear" for no apparent reason sometime during the initial correspondence process? Industry-wide statistics reveal that of all the men who become involved in the process of searching for a Russian bride ... only 5 out of 100 will eventually make a trip for an in-person meeting.

Some men may purchase an address and fail to ever correspond, or in ever more rare situations, choose to send their letters of introduction via regular mail (a four-week time frame one-way).


While our posting policy of "dating each profile" allows our clients to know for how long any particular lady has been shown on our web site, our clients should as well have some idea of what's going on insofar as her sending and receiving written correspondence through A Volga Girl's eMail service.

The field "Last letter exchanged" allows our clients the knowledge of whether or not any of those individuals who have purchased a lady's address are actually corresponding with her at the present time.
If you are interested in a particular profile, we strongly encourage you to contact the lady through our web site It is safe to assume that if the date shown for "Last letter exchanged" is some weeks, months, or even years ago ... this is a clear indication that there is no serious correspondence taking place at this time.

Russian mail order brides at A Volga Girl may have had active correspondence over the past 30 days, but this in no way reflects that they are seriously involved with a man seeking a Russian wife.

For all letters of introduction sent using our email service: If a lady declines your invitation to correspond, or does not reply -- our standard company policy is to issue you an additional address and email credit FREE OF ADDITIONAL CHARGE !


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