Personal Introduction Experience

We personally introduce you to ladies you wish to correspond with using your profile and pictures. The "Personal Introduction Experience" allows you to start corresponding with the ladies of your choice without having to purchase ladies' profiles and enduring the sometimes awkwardness of writing an introductory letter.

The first step is for you to purchase this package. Second, submit your profile through the Free Men's Catalog:

Third, select from two to four good photos of yourself and a list of 10 ladies (by ID#) you are interested in and email the photos and the list of ladies to

The Togliatti staff will contact each lady and introduce them to you based on your profile submitted in the Men's Catalog and your photos. Profiles of all the ladies who respond positively will be automatically loaded into your account (and each profile goes with 1 free message translated for you into English). This package also includes translation of your profile into Russian -- so, the procedure is:
you submit a list of ladies you are interested in, our office contacts them for you and provide them with your profile (and your introductory letter if you will) in Russian and photos -- a lady likes you and wants to respond to you -- her profile is automatically loaded into your account -- she sends you a letter through our website -- you will be able to view the letter translated for you into English at NO additional cost .

If then you want to continue writing to the girl(s) and to exchange more letters with them, it would involve additional translation (if required) AND message-forwarding costs:

We guarantee you will receive positive responses from at least 5 ladies and we allow you to select additional ladies until you get 5 ladies who are really interested in corresponding with you!

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