"What does this mean?"


Many of the Russian girls profiled on A Volga Girl initially registered with our company during the years 2000, 2001, and thereafter. Our Russian office contacts all Togliatti listings (over 1,400 included on our web site) twice per year to verify that they are still interested and available in building a stabel relationship beginning with correspondence.

Yet there are many men who view the "posting date" included on each profile page as if it were the freshness date on food at your local supermarket.

We have therefore added the information filed "Re-Registered". This information field represents a consicous effort on each respective lady's part to signify say that regardless of the time she has been profiled on our web site, and irregardless of how many men have contacted her and/or corresponded ... she has not yet found the lasting relationship that she is looking and is still willing and available to accept invitations to correspond.







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