Family Visa to Norway

IMPORTANT: If there is a possible relationship forming we strongly suggest you keep all the documents related to your relationship (including your correspondence) and to your in-person meeting (including your photos together).

Norway is one of the many European countries that accept applications and translations in English for visas, which has enabled A Volga Girl staff of certified English translators and professionals to successfully obtain visas for our clients.

Whether you choose to get married in Norway or outside Norway, your lady will need a ‘family immigration’ type of visa to join you in Norway.

Normal case processing times as stated by Norwegian authorities official sources are from four to thirteen months of submitting an application to a Norwegian embassy, however in our practice positive decisions on visas have been made within a couple of months, too.

Most family immigration applicants will have to pay an application fee of 5900 NOK (Application for children under the age of 18 is free of charge). If the Russian applicant hands in their application at a Visa Applicaton Centre which represents the embassy, they must pay an extra service fee of around €25 Euro (which varies depending on the current exchange rate). This is in addition to the normal application fee.

For another extra nominal fee of around €25 Euro (which varies depending on the current exchange rate and on the applicant's location in Russia) the Return Courier Service allows applicants to have their passport returned to them by express courier at the end of the application process and save the travel cost for making a second trip to a Norwegian Embassy or Visa Applicaton Centre.

Documents from other countries than Norway:
originals should be produced, the originals must carry an apostille stamp and have to be translated to Norwegian or English by an authorised/certified translator. Also, required are copies that must be verified by the authorities in Russia, or by a notarius publicus.

We help in completing this VISA package and other forms and documents for your visa application submission. Our Russian office will translate required documentation of your lady including birth certificate, marriage/divorce/death certificate (if applicable), other legal documentation as necessary, will translate the story of your relationship (required by Norwegian authorities), fill in a Power of attorney form and the Application questionnaire, to complete the application forms, including the online form, and will help book your lady's appointment. The Russian Office Manager will provide certified letters stating her qualifications for translating these documents (required for submission).

The cost of our Family Immigration Visa to Norway support consists of:

- fixed cost of USD $200 for paperwork preparation (visa application form online, a description in English of the relationship/marriage plans, a Power of attorney form and the Application questionnaire in English, a reference letter from A Volga Girl if you have met through A Volga Girl) for an applicant, unlimited consultation on supporting documentation to be submitted to the visa application centre, email and phone service for any questions or concerns, help in scheduling the date for the visa application documents submission at the visa centre (submitted in person by the applicant)


- if your Russian lady's legal documentation (like birth certificate, marriage/divorce/death certificate (if applicable), confirmation from a relevant authority of the marital status of the applicant (if applicable)) was originally issued in Samara oblast, Russia, our office will be able to help get an apostille on them and then translate in English and certify. The cost for that part of the support service is extra and its estimate is another $200-$500 (depends on the amount of the legal documentation and includes the cost for apostilles and notary fees as charged by Russian authorities). If your Russian lady's legal documentation was issued elsewhere in Russia, we will be able to help her locate the required authorities to process apostilles and notarized translations.

You can order our Family Immigration Visa to Norway Support service here

Wedding outside Norway:

Couples planning on having a wedding ceremony in Russia or elsewhere may require documents and translations where our Russian office may be able to assist.

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