Visitor Visa to Norway

If the Russian applicant (who may be your lady / girlfriend, or your family member, or your friend) plans to visit you in Norway for less than 90 days, they can apply for a visitor's visa – normally a single- or double-entry visa.

With this visa they can visit all Schengen area countries. If the applicant has been in the Schengen area area in the last 90 days, it is important to check when it is possible for them to re-enter, and how many days they can stay in Schengen area.

We only encourage our clients to apply for a visitor visa as a boyfriend/girlfriend, if you are in an established relationship. This means that if you have been together for a certain period of time and have met at least once, you have a better chance of being granted a visa. Otherwise, the application may be rejected by Norwegian authorities. That's why it is also important the Russian applicant should demonstrate strong ties to their home country, for example work, property, family members who they may be supporting.

Normal case processing times are within two weeks of submitting an application to a Norwegian embassy.

Most applicants will have to pay an application fee of €35 Euro. If the Russian applicant hands in their application at a Visa Applicaton Centre which represents the embassy, they must pay an extra service fee of around €25 Euro (which varies depending on the current exchange rate). This is in addition to the normal application fee.

For another extra nominal fee of around €25 Euro (which varies depending on the current exchange rate and on the applicant's location in Russia) the Return Courier Service allows applicants to have their passport returned to them by express courier at the end of the application process and save the travel cost for making a second trip to a Norwegian Embassy or Visa Applicaton Centre.

Norway is one of the many European countries that accept applications and translations in English for visas, which has enabled A Volga Girl staff of certified English translators and professionals to successfully obtain visas for our clients.

The cost of our Visitor Visa to Norway support consists of:

- fixed cost of USD $100 for paperwork preparation (visa application form online) for an applicant, review of an invitation letter whose sample we will provide (a Russian applicant is required to provide an invitation letter from the person they are visiting in Norway), unlimited consultation on supporting documentation to be submitted to the visa application centre, email and phone service for any questions or concerns, help in scheduling the date for the visa application documents submission at the visa centre (submitted in person by the applicant)


- variable cost for certified translations of any documents, which depends on the amount of Russian supporting documents a visa applicant will be providing and whose usual estimate is another USD $100-200

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